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Christianist Texas Republican Senator Dan Patrick accidentally praises gay marriage ruling 

so good

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"Each more of a Judas than the last…"

The boys of Supernatural or how I would take a cast photograph for GQ.

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WHAT IS THIS GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This song makes me want to orgasm. It’s perfection.

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Robert Downey Jr. loves calling Chris Evans “Dorito”.

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  • "Studies Says"

    …I think you’ll find 90% of the internet has been saying that since it was Twilight fanfiction…

    It’s abusive, domestic abuse actually, there is sexual assault on several occasions and scenarios where her consent is ignored and she is physically injured during activities when she needn’t be.

    That’s why BDSM groups are so angry about it.
    For one, it misrepresents them (the motto is ‘sane, sane, consenting’ or similar wherein both parties must know what will happen, have a safe word and the other stops immediately if it’s used (Christian does not, which makes his acts rape at that point), and there must be aftercare… several groups explain it eloquently.

    But there’s also an additional safety risk…

    As many have pointed out, this trilogy of tripe encourages an incorrect form of BDSM, there’s a reason you need to speak to members of the community before going in -even little things like tying a partner up, if done incorrectly, can lead to the need for amputation of a limb.
    And using a riding crop has to be done a certain way or you can cause internal (generally kidney) damage.

    And several other things they list.


    Basically, apart from isolating her socially and emotionally, basically imprisoning her, belittling her, treating her like a lesser creature that exists solely for his gratification, making her solely reliant on him for everything, he’s violent…
    [Domestic Violence, check the official listings of what constitutes DV, they meet almost/all of them]

    He’s also a sexual sadist and a rapist.
    On several occasions he just up and rapes her, or she says stop and he continues.

    What does this say to younger readers?
    "You mean nothing, you’re a warm human-sized sex toy for men, just do what they want"?

    And aside from all that, it’s written god-awfully. ‘Inner goddess’, that is one of the worst parts… also, which idiot allowed ‘kinky fuckery off the internet and into literature? They deserve to be punished (but not in a 50Shades way).

    Believe me when I say, I assumed EL James was a penname for some horny 13-16 year old who had never seen anybody naked, including themselves, and got all their sexual knowledge from other badly-written fanficture… like, how is this elderly woman with two kids so incorrect about the whole thing?


    I dislike the books.

    They glorify Abuse -domestic, physical, sexual, emotional and there’s elements of neglect there too.

    Like the Twilight books they originally were fanfiction for, they are sending the wrong message to females, specifically the younger ones.

    Twilight said, “You are nothing without a man, find one, pursue them, and no matter if they hit you or treat you like crap… love them. And if they leave you? Try to kill yourself.”
    [Ah yes, in a world like ours we totally need more suicidal pre-/teens who misinterpret how love/crushes work and kill themselves.]

    50ShadesofBullshit said, “Now you have your man, let him treat you like an object, like a fuckable possession, you yourself do not matter. Your function is to do what he wants and act like he is your god no matter what terrible things he does to you…”

    And neither of those messages are okay.

    But when there’s a whole generation of women being treated this exact same way, epidemically, the world will turn around and go, “Why do they put up with that? Why do they think it’s okay to be treated like that? Why don’t they just leave?”


    Because the media told them, when they were growing up, that this is what love is.

    Love is sacrificing what you are for someone you love, apparently.

    Well no, actually, it isn’t. But now a generation of girls aren’t going to know that… 

    The sheer amount of people posting about ‘wanting to find their own Christian Grey’ is rising… and every single one of them is a failure on society for not pointing out that what’s glorified in the books is not okay, that it is not what love is.

    But when they’re beaten, bruised, assaulted and downtrodden… they’ll still think it’s love, while the world questions why they don’t see what’s going on is not okay.


    I hate those books, and this is why.


    >Protect Our Girls, Protect Women 

    >Stop Glorifying Abuse Dammnit.





barely made it

Reblogging even though I’m 22 ‘cause fuck the tumblr police, I do what I want 



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how can lawyers argue without crying 

or swearing

if i went into a courtroom i’d be all

now you fucking listen here you little cumslut 

"he has been found guilty


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Nailed it.

reblogging for dat ass

Holy fuck I didn’t even realise that this was getting notes

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when the last step of a school assignment is to have funimage

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How to Get 10% Off Your Order at Not a Burger Stand in Burbank, CA

Previously: Funny and Creative Sandwich Board Signs

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optimus prime becomes a lot funnier when you know his name literally means “best first”

like he’s the super humble benevolent leader of the autobots and his name is “awesome #1”

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Girls that love gay guys but are disgusted by lesbians.


Guys that love lesbians but are disgusted by gay guys.


Anyone who is disgusted by anyone because of their sexual preference.




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